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The members of the Remake Learning Network create inventive, mind-expanding experiences for kids and their families, caregivers, and educators. As a part of this network, AEC is investing in the education of educators, energizing and inspiring them to explore new ideas and strategies. To further this goal AEC is proud to announce our commitment to Remake Learning by launching a new professional learning program for administrators; Identifying and Supporting Quality Arts Education Programs. This program focuses on an administrator’s role in hiring new arts teachers, supporting them through induction, and providing them with resources and purposeful feedback to improve teaching and learning. AEC is currently accepting applications for this program, learn more on our website.

In addition, AEC is pleased to be nurturing five events during Remake Learning Days with 1Hood Media, Keystone Oaks School District, South Allegheny School District, Burrell School District, and Sto-Rox School District. More information and a full list of events is available at