Seeking New Arts Partners to Join artlook® SWPA 

AEC Staff member engages with 2 arts org staff members showing them how to connect with each other on the artlook® SWPA Map by scanning QR codes.

Looking to share your awesome arts programs with schools? 

Arts Ed Collaborative (AEC) is inviting new arts partners to join artlook® SWPA, a free online hub created to help educators in our region to immerse young people in powerful, personally relevant arts learning opportunities. Join the more than 200 schools, arts organizations, and independent teaching artists already showcasing their arts programs.  

Summertime is the best time to join artlook® SWPA because you can create a new and shiny profile in advance of the school year. Teachers and administrators can then find you on the map when they start searching for partnerships in the fall. Arts organizations and independent teaching artists can use  artlook® SWPA to:

  • reduce staff time needed to match with schools and build new partnerships  
  • help market programs to schools, families, and funders 
  • support grant writing and reporting
  • increase opportunities for collaboration and communication 

Ready to commit? Click the button below and complete the brief commitment form today!  

Commit to artlook® SWPA

Are you artlook® curious? Register today for a drop-in coffee chat with an AEC team member. We will give you a tour of this powerful resource and answer your questions.

All artlook® Curious Coffee Chats will take place in person at The Café Carnegie at Carnegie Museum of Art in Oakland. RSVP in advance using the hyperlinks below and we will cover your parking and provide you with a FREE museum pass for the day.

Step 1: First, join our online community where we host event info

Step 2: Then, click on the drop in coffee chat you want to attend to RSVP in advance and we will cover your parking and provide you with a FREE museum pass for the day.

Arts partners can always book time with Bradley Hill and he will happily connect via phone or Zoom. We can’t wait to see you on the map!