Arts Ed Collaborative uses evidence-based approaches to designing and improving all of our programs. We also offer services to help our partners apply evaluative thinking to their own projects.

Internal Evaluation

Evaluation and research have played a significant role in our work from the start, as Arts Ed Collaborative has conducted original research in the region and examined what others’ research can tell us about effective practice. Since 2012, we have committed a full-time staff position to evaluation and worked to build evaluation into all of our core programs in an effort to assess everything from participants’ immediate reactions to long-term impact years later.

We create detailed evaluation reports at the conclusion of all our programs. We also include end-of-session evaluation forms after each day’s work. We’re happy to share our findings with you if you’re interested in learning more.

Colin Williams works with Leadership Academy participants at the beginning of the 2018 summer session in Homestead.

Evaluation Reports

These summary reports describe what we’ve accomplished and learned from our programs. For a full copy of any report, get in touch with us.

If you’re interested in evaluation, learning more about our work, or reaching out for consultation, contact Matt Sikora at
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