Sarah Tambucci in soft focus wearing a dark blouse.Dr. Tambucci Announces Retirement

Dear Friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I wish to inform you of my pending retirement early in February of 2018.

This retirement will mark my fiftieth anniversary in education. After 23 years as a teacher and 10 years as a principal, I retired from public education to begin a new career inventing what was first described as a ‘hub’ for quality arts education in Western Pennsylvania. After 17 years as director of Arts Education Collaborative, I have decided that the time is right for me to pursue my next chapter.

You are my friends and colleagues. You have never said ‘no’ to any request I have made of you. You have built AEC. Your interest, energy, and professionalism have given AEC regional, state-wide, and national credibility as an intermediary organization that supports quality arts education for all children and youth.

I am proud of our accomplishments. Together we have achieved what some may have believed could never happen. Your willingness to engage, share, lead, and learn has made all the difference. We now have a network in this region that provides substantive, sustaining support for quality arts education in in-school and out-of-school settings. We are building our capacity to strengthen education by making the arts central to learning through collaboration, research, and advocacy.

Thank you for all your efforts in changing the landscape of arts education in this region. It is time to celebrate what we have achieved and plan for a future that is focused on embracing challenges, and achieving new goals.

I am happy, healthy, and look forward to my next adventure.

Thank you,

Sarah Tambucci, Director