Leadership Academy

Arts Ed Collaborative’s flagship cohort-based program exploring culturally responsive arts education, leadership, and action planning.

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Learn. Lead. Make Change!

Since the first class graduated in 2003, over 150 educators have taken part in Leadership Academy.  

Leadership Academy participants delve into culturally responsive arts education, leadership, and action planning practices. This 10-month program will kick off with a 4-day summer intensive at Ohringer Arts and YMCA’s Lighthouse Project.   

Sessions are co-facilitated by AEC’s Anqwenique Kinsel and Yael Silk and feature a variety of guest experts, including Celeta Hickman, Nina Unitas, Christiane Leache, and Farooq Al-Said.

Program Dates

Summer Intensive: July 25 – 28, 9:00AM – 4:00PM  

School Year Sessions:  

  • August 17 – evening Zoom session 
  • September 21 – evening Zoom session 
  • October 10 – ACTIVATE Arts Learning Conference   
  • November 17 – full day 
  • January 23 – full day 
  • February 22 – evening Zoom session 
  • March 21 – evening Zoom session 
  • April 21 – full day 
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Leadership Academy Outcomes

  • Build relationships with arts and education professionals from across the region

  • Deepen culturally responsive knowledge and competencies

  • Learn about leadership styles, communication skills, and collaboration strategies

  • Bring an arts education initiative to life

  • Earn up to 70 Act 48 credits

Program Fee  

Full-price registration is $400. Thanks to generous support from The Grable Foundation, we offer discounted registration on a sliding scale based on school districts’ percentage of students from low-income households and organization budget size. Independent educators who are paying for their own registration should choose what they’re able to pay.  

  • $400: organizations with budgets at and above $1 million and school districts with less than 20% of students from low-income households  
  • $300: organizations with budgets from $750,000 – $999,999 and school districts with 20% – 39% of students from low-income households  
  • $200: organizations with budgets from $500,000 – $749,999 and school districts with 40% – 59% of students from low-income households  
  • $100: organizations with budgets less than $500,000 and school districts with greater than 60% of students from low-income households  

Limited scholarships are available by request.  

Arts Ed Collaborative remains committed to preparing arts educators to be leaders and champions of art and equity, wherever they may find themselves.  As the arts education field evolves, so does the Leadership Academy program. We remain deeply rooted in Culturally Responsive Arts Ed practices and committed to uplifting experts in our community. 

2021 Highlights

After a full year of working virtually in 2020, the class of 2021 was able to enjoy occasional, COVID-safe meetings in person. The summer intensive came to a close with a full day outside at Carrie Furnace, learning about the site and having a bit of fun with creative duo Magic Organs.

We’re proud to have hosted educators from diverse backgrounds, identities, creative disciplines, and experiences. This dynamic group remained dedicated year-round to the program, bringing their full selves, sharing openly and learning together. We’re excited to celebrate all they achieved this year, and everything we know they will go on to accomplish!

Congratulations to:

Devon Dill, Assemble

Becky Gaugler, Vanka Murals

Parag Gohel, Pittsburgh Public Theater

Bradley Hill, Creative Learning Network

Erik Kolodziej, Quaker Valley School District

Chari Lyons

Ja’Sonta Roberts, Assemble

Jennifer Schaupp

Linsey Scherloum, Carnegie Museum of Art

Quaishawn Whitlock, Andy Warhol Museum

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