Looking at student work

Collaborative protocol for looking at student work

  1. Reviewers silently view the student work with no context (presenting teacher does not share any information about the assignment, the class, or the student in advance).
  2. Reviewers share observations about the work.
  3. Reviewers raise questions about the work and the student.
  4. Reviewers discuss evidence of standards being addressed and evidence of student learning.
  5. Presenting teacher responds to what s/he heard from colleagues up to this point.
  6. Presenting teacher and reviewers discuss how to further engage and challenge the student. This conversation begins with the presenting teacher presenting a challenge and/or idea and invites specific suggestions from colleagues.
  7. Presenting teacher and reviewers reflect on the specific conversation and on the process overall.

This protocol was adapted from work by Project Zero.

An image of a student's final drawing of a curled piece of paper
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