Upcoming Virtual Learning Resources from AIU3

As the COVID-19 crisis continues into the fall, the need for innovative ways to approach teaching has become clear. Luckily, the Allegheny Intermediate Unit is finding new ways to support professional learning for educators. The AIU has reached out to teachers and partners to create asynchronous (25-minute videos) and synchronous virtual professional learning opportunities.

AIU's design principles wheel including social and emotional learning, connection to families and students, student engagement aligned to standards, flexibility and choice for diverse needs, feedback on student work, and collaboration among students.

AIU3’s Instructional Design Principles for Remote Learning.

While previous professional learning opportunities through the AIU focused on technology tutorials, these new resources will be grounded in a Remote Learning Framework that offers a holistic framework for best practices in teaching and learning. All of the professional learning resources that the AIU publishes this fall will be tied to at least one of the six Instructional Design Principles outlined in the Remote Learning Framework so you can find resources to support your particular instructional goals.

This is where we come in! Yael Silk and Anqwenique Kinsel are currently designing a collection of recorded professional learning content. Our first set of videos will focus on:

  • Social emotional learning: student storytelling leveraging questioning strategies and different arts disciplines
  • Student engagement aligned to standards: singing in remote, hybrid, and in-person spaces
  • Connection to families and students: incorporating culturally response practices into remote, hybrid, and in-person arts instruction
  • Feedback on student work: a three-part series focused strategies to support teacher feedback, self-assessment, and peer critique

Our live learning opportunity will focus on singing. Arts Ed Collaborative staff members will guide participants through breathing techniques, ways to apply them virtually or in person, and applications for these exercises beyond vocal music.

As with our pre-COVID work, we’re committed to culturally responsive arts education (CRAE). We’ll weave these strategies into all of our professional learning opportunities and share strategies for using CRAE as a foundation for quality arts instruction. We’ll also share technologies that have supported our work to create engaging environments and support all different kinds of learners.

Got ideas for great content? Want more information about our plans? Reach out! We’re always happy to share what we’re working on. Let us know if you have other ideas for supporting arts education, and sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on our and our partners’ work.

Stay tuned for these and other resources coming to the AIU later this fall! Together, we can help educators and learners not just survive the school year, but thrive.