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Next Level Sonnet Saturday

Join 1Hood artist Treble NLS for Next Level Sonnet Saturday! In this hour long workshop, participants will be learning about and writing Shakespearean Sonnets using iambic pentameter and other rhyme schemes.

Treble NLS’s writing approach introduces participants to poetry in a form that challenges the writer to be very careful in word selection. No prior writing or experience with Shakespeare necessary! Participants will need a writing utensil and paper/notebook or device like a laptop to type their writing.

This live Zoom event will take place on June 27, 2020, at 7pmRegister today!

Learning goals

Each participant will be more familiar with each term in “iambic pentameter” individually, and will also be able to utilize it within a poem. Participants will leave the workshop able to tell the difference between a stressed and unstressed syllable, and also how to count syllables within a meter.

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Treble NLS

Hailing from Pittsburgh PA, Treble NLS is a soulful hip hop and teaching artist with many talents. With a passion that can be felt in every lyric, he brings a vulnerability to his music that can relate to many. He aims to empower and embolden the hearts of every listener with the acronym NLS which simply means Never Lose Sight.

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