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School district programs

We work with school districts to support arts education in all its forms.

Educators discuss their programs in a large art classroom with student-painted ceiling tiles.

School district self-assessment

We often begin our work with school districts by helping educators audit current offerings, budget, and program highlights in our school district self-assessment process. Over the course of a school year, we work with arts teachers to collect data and offer both commendations and recommendations.

In 2019–20, we engaged with longstanding partner Burrell School District to conduct our first-ever self-assessment of creative learning in the district’s makerspaces. Working in this new way gave us the opportunity to co-create new observation protocols and examine arts integration in non-traditional classroom spaces.

Curriculum writing

Arts Ed Collaborative has helped numerous school districts update or rewrite arts curricula. We’re committed to a flexible, standards-based curriculum model and have helped districts throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania shape innovative dance, music, health and physical education, and visual art curricula that engage students and empower teachers.

During the 2019–20 school year, we worked with Peters Township School District on a visual arts curriculum, West Allegheny SD on a music curriculum, Pittsburgh Public Schools and West Jefferson Hills SD on both music and visual arts, and Franklin Regional SD on a new performing arts curriculum. Arts Ed Collaborative uses the National Core Arts Standards as a springboard for helping districts create curriculum documents that are relevant and student-centered. We continue to think about ways we can adapt our processes to our region’s diverse school systems.

Hampton Township arts teachers discuss the facilities in the high school band room.
Two educators inspect a pinhole camera on a sunny day.

Student assessment planning

Student assessment reveals the transformative power of the arts. Developing tools that move beyond test-centric teaching gives teachers an array of ways to showcase the many learning experiences in their classroom.

During the 2019–20 school year, Arts Ed Collaborative worked with West Allegheny School District to help visual arts teachers craft assessment tools ranging from rubrics to observation protocols. We helped teachers plan peer observation times so they could see their colleagues’ work in action. Thinking deeply about student assessment opens pathways to even better student-centered arts experiences.

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