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Intro to Street Art: Graffiti, Typography and Wheat-Pasting

In this workshop, students will learn about the basic concepts of street art and graffiti art through the mediums of typography and wheatpasting. This workshop encourages the use of street art aesthetics and mediums in legal forms of the practice. Students will be taught the basics of graffiti lettering and how to apply graffiti alphabets to their own artwork. Students will then be shown how to create wheat paste so that they can adhere their graffiti letter drawings to other art surfaces.

Learning goals

  • Prepare for and design a street art project (NCAS #1)

  • Learn about graffiti, typography, and wheat-pasting

  • Learn recipe for basic wheat paste

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Max Emiliano Gonzales, also known by his artist name “GEMS”, can be classified as an activist, art educator, muralist, graffiti writer, printmaker, curator and much more. Originally from the Southwest side of Chicago and raised in Latinx communities, Max brings a unique perspective to Pittsburgh as a queer-identifying Chicano artist. Through his different roles as an artist, Max seeks to give value to underrepresented voices, movements, and art forms to challenge any established socioeconomic barriers, elitism, or bigotry to redefine the role and importance of art.

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