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Programs for school administrators

Arts Ed Collaborative offers robust programming for school district administrators. Our programs equip participants with the structure and shared vocabulary needed to advocate for and guide others in quality K–12 arts instruction. Whether it’s helping you market your programs or increasing arts integration, we can help you implement the action plan that’s right for you.

Educator Jordan Mroziak facilitates an activity using a Makey Makey controller.

Community of Learners for Arts Education

Since the program began in 2011, 96 administrators in Western PA have graduated from our Community of Learners for Arts Education (CLAE) program. Our evaluations have shown that participants feel more confident advocating for the arts, prioritizing student creativity, and leveraging cross-curricular connections.

In 2018–19, Propel Schools sent administrators from different levels to participate in our first single-system cohort. Arts Ed Collaborative organized workshops at Alphabet City and Hill Dance Academy Theatre. We helped participants dig into research, gather data, and implement an action plan to benefit the students in their districts.

2018 Highlights

In 2018–19, we worked with Propel Schools to help guide both new and experienced administrators in supporting the arts. 7 participants crafted action plans to impact learners at different buildings within Propel’s charter school network, impacting students K–12 throughout Allegheny County.

Administrators graduated
Act 45 hours awarded
  • Build the shared vocabulary needed to advocate for and guide others in quality arts instruction

  • Strengthen processes for recruiting, hiring, and retaining excellent arts educators

  • Earn up to 35 Act 45 (PIL) credits

  • Foster academic, cognitive, personal, and social and civic outcomes that improve learning across curricula

Looking to hire and retain excellent arts educators?

We can help. We offer a CLAE cohort model for helping you build your staff’s understanding of best practices. We can also work alongside you and your team to help you hire the perfect dance teacher or band instructor. Get in touch with us if you’d like Arts Ed Collaborative to be a part of the changes in your school or district.

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