School District Self-Assessment

AEC facilitates a self-assessment process in school districts. The year-long process engages team members, usually arts educators and at least one administrator, in a review of the district’s arts program(s).

Additional information

The self-assessment process is often one of the first points of engagement for a school district in working with AEC. The work engages all of the teachers in the target discipline(s) in a comprehensive review of the district’s arts program. This review includes:

  • Baseline assessment and information gathering
  • Document review
  • Facilities review
  • Individual interviews with teachers, administrators, and other constituents
  • Student focus groups
  • Parent focus groups

At the end of the process, the district receives a report that outlines findings, commendations, and recommendations as a result of the team’s work.

The Grable Foundation has generously provided funds to decrease the cost of the process for some school districts. For more information, contact Colin Williams.

2018 Highlights


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At various points in the process, participants have said:

  • The open discussion and conversations helped me have a deep understanding of my role as an individual and a team member in the district.

  • Working together and sharing ideas and data worked because we had an open environment focused on our instruction and our professionalism.

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