Induction Program

AEC’s Induction program provides arts teachers in their first years in a district with a chance to network with other new and veteran teachers.

The three sessions¬†hosted by AEC supplement a district’s induction program. Each teacher is paired with a coach from a nearby district who teaches the same subject. Through AEC’s induction program, teachers can expand their network, gain access to new resources, and become more confident advocates for the arts in their school district.

The 2017-2018 program was held at various venues in the Pittsburgh region over three days, including TransformED, the Pittsburgh Opera, and the Mattress Factory.

For more information on induction, contact Colin Williams.

  • I thought that all of the activities were well thought-out and purposeful. This was very helpful in opening my eyes to resources available to myself and my students.

  • I believe the multiple resources were the most valuable things I can take away from these sessions. The locations, colleagues, and mentors were all excellent.

  • Everyone has struggles in their education career, not just me! It was reassuring to have the support and understanding of the inductees and mentors!

Jamie KasperInduction Program