Curriculum Writing

AEC facilitates curriculum writing in school districts. This is a professional learning opportunity that engages educators in the development of K-12 arts curriculum.

Curriculum development is a year-long process that often follows AEC’s school district self-assessment process. All teachers in the target discipline(s) work together, K-12, to agree on overarching big ideas that guide the curriculum. Those big ideas then expand into grade level big ideas, knowledge, skills, assessment examples, lesson examples, and materials. AEC can tailor its curriculum work to fit into a district’s pre-existing format as needed.

The Grable Foundation has generously provided funds to offset the cost of the process for some school districts. For more information, contact Colin Williams.

2018 Highlights


school districts participated


educators engaged in curriculum development


students impacted by revised curriculum

Participants have said the following about the curriculum development process:

  • I have already learned and grown through the curriculum writing process. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. It has reshaped my philosophy of music education and I am sure that it will have a profound impact on the way that I teach music to students. It has shown the importance of connecting skills that students learn to a greater understanding.

    Robert Naser, Music Educator, Keystone Oaks School District
  • Having the discussion as a whole department helps us to own the work and accept the change.

  • I liked that you worked with us and didn't send us off to do this on our own. You could help us clarify points, get over a stumbling block, and work through the process.

  • Having all of us working together on this curriculum has us all invested in success. It establishes common ground and agreement among teachers of the same subject.

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