For individual educators, Arts Ed Collaborative offers cohort-based programs, conferences, and networking. For those looking to make systemic change, we offer programs to help school districts and organizations support the arts. We can also design custom programs to meet your needs.

Arts Ed Collaborative evaluates our programs before, during, and after to build in processes of continuous improvement. We can also evaluate your programs and consult with you to ensure you’re meeting your goals.

We’re always learning, and we can’t wait to learn with you!

  • Two educators look closely at projects made using herbal plant dyes.
  • An educator laughs in front of an interactive whiteboard.
  • A woman wearing a hat over dreadlocked hair looks contemplatively at a notebook while sitting on a bench outside.

Arts Ed Collaborative offers programs and resources to help educators improve their practice. Each program is designed to help you meet your specific needs while giving you access to resources and relationships that support your work. We also host our sessions at arts organizations throughout Greater Pittsburgh to keep you connected with the best our region has to offer.

For educators looking to make systemic changes, Arts Ed Collaborative offers in-depth programming we can customize to help you support learners. We’ve been working with school districts since the beginning to evaluate capacity, update curricula, and improve student assessment. We can even design learning days for your team or consult on hiring new educators.

For arts organizations, we offer evaluation services that can sharpen your focus on intended outcomes, gauge your audience members’ interests and needs, and better understand how your programs impact participants. Regardless of your context, Arts Ed Collaborative can help you get to the heart of what gives your work its impact.

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