Consulting Services

AEC offers program evaluation and consultation services for school districts, community organizations, and cultural institutions.

AEC uses evidence-based approaches to designing and improving all of our programs. In addition to building evaluation into our own programs for educators and school districts, AEC has collaborated with a number of local organizations to help sharpen their focus on intended outcomes, gauge their audience members’ interests and needs, and better understand how their programs impact participants.

The selected examples below give an overview of AEC’s work with our partners.

Franklin Regional School District

As Franklin Regional School District began planning a new initiative to help teachers integrate digital media in the classroom, AEC guided senior administrators and principals through two structured discussions to articulate the project’s goals and surface issues critical to successful implementation. The process helped foster a shared understanding of the project in its early stages, providing a foundation for the district’s ongoing work.

Senator John Heinz History Center

Education staff at the Senator John Heinz History Center routinely gathered feedback from parents about their experiences with the museum’s Hop into History program, but wanted to look more deeply at its impact on learning. With support from a PNC Grow Up Great grant, the museum collaborated with AEC to systematically observe the program’s summer series at the Homewood Early Learning Hub and explore how it supported family learning and development of early childhood concepts and competencies.

ACH Clear Pathways

In anticipation of building a new state-of-the-art facility, ACH Clear Pathways staff members engaged in facilitated conversation designed by AEC to articulate the current state of the organization’s youth programs and their hopes for the future . The process resulted in easy-to-read summaries that capture who the programs reach, their intended impacts, and how they support the organization’s mission to nurture creativity among underserved youth and families through the visual and performing arts.

Carnegie Museum of Art

Carnegie Museum of Art staff partnered with AEC to conduct interviews and questionnaires that explored visitors’ responses to special interpretive materials and programs associated with the museum’s Copy + Paste temporary exhibition, co-located in the Heinz Architectural Center and the Hall of Architecture. AEC led the team through facilitated reflections on the findings and their implications for practice, which will help inform the development of a long-term plan to promote visitor engagement in the museum’s Hall of Architecture.

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Images of Copy + Paste exhibition courtesy Carnegie Museum of Art. Photos: Bryan Conley. Other images by Charles LeClaire, Nico Segall Tobon, and AEC staff.

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