To support underrepresented Teaching Artists in our region during the COVID-19 crisis, the newly formed Creative Learning Network, led by Allegheny Partners for Out-of-School Time (APOST), Arts Ed Collaborative (AEC), and the Legacy Arts Project (LAP), has created Creative Learning Rapid Response. Creative Learning Rapid Response is an initiative where teaching artists can create #ArtsLearningatHome content and receive stipends for their work.

Create a Virtual Workshop: $350 stipend

Share a one-time activity for virtual learning, such as:

  • Video – recorded or live streamed
  • Written – PDF, blog post, etc.

Create a Virtual Residency: $550 stipend

Include a minimum of 2 enhancements below to your ongoing #ArtsLearningAtHome lesson or activity:

    • Series Format – Create a collection or series with a minimum of 3 parts.
    • Content & Community Connections– your activity connects to other content (is multidisciplinary, STEAM, Arts Integration, Arts Activism)
    • Student Learning Objectives: Map objectives that can be adapted for the classroom
    • Learning Standards: Apply National Core Arts Standards, PA Arts & Humanities Standards, or Culturally Responsive Education to your activity
    • Other: Add innovation beyond what’s listed above (please explain how)
A student mimics a teaching artist's dance moves.A closeup of an artists hands as they work on creating a butterfly-shaped metal casting mold.

All #ArtsLearningatHome ideas are welcome! Even if you have already created or shared content, we want to support your work. Need technical help? No problem! Let us know in your application.  

While this is a time of great distress for all, it is our intention to grant the majority of funds to teaching artists who identify as part of historically underrepresented communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID crisis. This includes:

  • BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, Teaching Artists of Color
  • LGBTQIA+ Teaching Artists
  • Early Career & Elder Teaching Artists
  • Teaching Artists living with Disabilities

Please see our FAQ for additional details, timeline, review process, and eligibility requirements before applying. A PDF copy of the application is available for advance review.

Apply today!

Call for Technical Support: In addition, we seek Teaching Artists with expertise in technical support and assistance including (but not limited to): filming and recording, graphic design, general technology knowledge to assist their peers in submitting and preparing virtual content for this initiative, as well as to document stories of teaching artists in our community. This is a separate call. Due to the amount of anticipated responses to the Creative Learning Rapid Response #ArtsLearningatHome initiative, and our desire to support as many individuals as possible, teaching artists are unable to apply for both.

 If you are interested in applying as a Creative Learning Technical Support Artist, please email your résumé or CV to

Frequently asked questions

This FAQ will be updated regularly as we learn from teaching artists in our community during the course of this initiative. Please check back often for updates and additions.


To support Teaching Artists in our region during the COVID-19 crisis, the newly formed Creative Learning Anchor led by Arts Ed Collaborative (AEC) and in partnership with Allegheny Partners for Out-of-School Time (APOST) and Legacy Arts Project (LAP) has created the Creative Learning Rapid Response. Creative Learning Rapid Response is an initiative where artists can create and submit #ArtsLearningatHome content and receive $350 or $550 stipends.

To be eligible, you must be able to answer “Yes” to the statements below. Please note that the Creative Learning Rapid Response team will make final eligibility determinations as needed.

  • I am a teaching artist residing in Allegheny County that has at least two years of experience providing learning opportunities to young people in our community.
  • I am experiencing financial hardships or emergencies due to lost work or teaching contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • I am 18 years of age or older.
  • I can provide a W9 and Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) after I’ve been notified of selection.
  • I am not a full-time employee, board member, or major donor of any of the Creative Learning Network partners: The Heinz Endowments, Arts Education Collaborative, APOST (Allegheny Partners for Out-of-School Time), Legacy Arts Project

For the purposes of this initiative, we define a teaching artist as an artist who designs and implements creative learning opportunities for children and youth, through in-school or out-of-school time and summer learning environments, in partnership with community organizations, or in a home studio setting.

The Creative Learning Network plans to run this initiative until all funds have been dispersed to support the maximum amount of teaching artists possible.  It is also our goal to continue to procure funding that can be used to provide work opportunities for teaching artists throughout this crisis.

Our current budget limits the number of stipends we can provide for this opportunity and the goal is to select proposals equitably from artists of different disciplines, neighborhoods, and backgrounds. While this is a distressed and stressful time for all, our priority through this initiative is to create equitable access for historically underrepresented artists in our community. This includes:

  •  BIPOC – Black, Indigenous Artists of Color
  •  LGBTQIA+ artists
  •  Young artists & elder artists
  • Artists living with disabilities

In order to address the systemic inequities already faced by these communities prior to the crisis, 75% of this initiative’s funding selections will be reserved for underrepresented artists.

Applications will be reviewed on a week-by-week basis for clarity, creative learning potential, and accessibility. After review, qualifying applications will be selected for funding each week.

It is the intention of the CLRR team to provide a 2nd phase of opportunities to include professional development for teaching artists. If your proposal was not selected in the initial phase, you may still be considered in the future. We plan to communicate all future opportunities through the Creative Learning Network as they arise.

We seek a variety of creative learning activities that will be curated in order to provide a wide array of content across multiple artistic disciplines for users to engage. Therefore, we ask that applicants limit themselves to identifying ONE of the artforms below, so that we may streamline our selection process. Please help us by selecting the artistic discipline that your work most directly and deeply aligns.

  • Dance (dancers + choreographers; aerial, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, etc.)
  • Drama & Performance (directing, experimental, live action, playwriting, puppetry, tactical and site performance, etc.)
  • Literary Arts (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, literature for children, criticism, graphic novels, journalism, arts writing, etc.)
  • Media & Film (work that uses technology, aesthetics, storytelling, digital cultures, and so on; including but not limited to immersive design, interactive media, podcasts, virtual reality, web-based projects, animation, documentary, episodic, experimental, narrativ etc.)
  • Music (composers + musicians; classical, contemporary, experimental, folk, instrumental, jazz, pop, world, etc.)
  • Traditional Arts (work related to the continuity and evolution of a tradition and/or cultural heritage such as cultural dance, cultural music, oral expression, and traditional crafts, etc.)
  • Visual Art & Craft (installation, painting, performance art, photography, sculpture, sound art, video,ceramics, fiber, glass, jewelry, metals, textiles, etc.)

Yes, you are eligible. We do not disqualify anyone based on other sources of relief and want teaching artist content to be shared widely across multiple platforms at this time.

Absolutely! In fact, we want you to apply! We encourage all artists, regardless of experience in creating online content, to apply and share ideas for this initiative. The Creative Learning Network will provide technical assistance for anyone who needs it, as well as options for sharing #ArtsLearningAtHome content that does not involve using technology. Please keep an eye out for both of these questions in the application so that we can best assist you.

At this time, we are not providing a budget for activity materials for artists or users. Therefore, we strongly recommend teaching artists who are submitting ideas for visual art (or other disciplines that may involve the use of materials) to consider making activities as simple as possible with as few required/mandatory materials as possible, in order to make the #ArtsLearningatHome accessible to users who may not have art materials or other household items needed to participate. We hope to have other opportunities in the future to support more extensive art activities, but for now, we ask that you keep material needs as simple as possible.

Application and selection

You can apply by filling out our online application here. We highly recommend that you copy and paste all of your answers into a word processing application like Google Docs or Microsoft Word so that if there are technical issues, your answers will be saved. Once you have applied, a copy of your application will be emailed to you at the address you provide as confirmation of receipt of the application.

Unfortunately, due to limited funds and anticipated volume of applications, not every applicant will be funded. We encourage teaching artists to check back for additional opportunities which we hope to offer in the future through the Creative Learning Network.

When developing this initiative, we wanted to offer options for teaching artists to develop content on a variety of experience levels, entry points, and interest. We encourage you to choose the option that best highlights your unique background, skill sets, artform and teaching experience.  

Have an idea for a one-time activity that you’d like to share? The Virtual Workshop Option might be for you if you have presented drop in workshops, led tabling activities or stand alone events in your community, in schools, or in collaboration with an organization.

Have an on-going lesson to share? The Virtual Residency Option might be for you if you’ve worked as a resident artist during in school, out-of-school time, or summer programs, host your own programs in the community, or in partnership with an arts organization, have special training or experience in professional development for teachers, Culturally Relevant Arts education, maker learning, or using art for advocacy or action.

In order to reach as many teaching artists as possible, we will allot one stipend per individual. However, you may apply for both #ArtsLearningatHome options with as many ideas as you like.

The Creative Learning Network is committed to equity and inclusion. We view data as an essential tool to be held accountable to this commitment. As an applicant, your data will be viewed by Creative Learning Network staff, our review committee, and our partner organizations who will be engaging us during the funding process. Individual applicant data (including name) will not be shared, duplicated, or distributed publicly. Additionally, aggregated applicant data will be collected, summarized, and shared in reports to funders, without disclosing any personal information.

We select the highest security settings available in the SurveyGizmo platform, where the Creative Learning Rapid Response applications are housed. SurveyGizmo reports the data is encrypted in transit, at rest, and in backups. Further security and privacy information can be found on the SurveyGizmo website.


All #ArtsLearningatHome content will be housed on the Creative Learning Rapid Response webpage, free of cost and for wide sharing with families, students, and educators in our region, as well as linked across our partner sites (APOST and Legacy Arts Project) for maximum visibility and access. Content will also be shared across all Creative Learning Network partners social media platforms. We hope that artists will share widely through their respective networks as well.

Once selected, teaching artists’ individual contracts will outline a specific timeline for payment. All teaching artists will be compensated by the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh (CMP) and undisputed work hours will be payable by CMP within forty-five (45) days of issuance of payment requests.

Deadlines and deliverables will be communicated by the Creative Learning Rapid Response review team on a case by case basis, once you have been selected. However, we are looking to quickly create a database of accessible content and will be looking for #ArtsLearningAtHome activities that are ready now as well as activities that can be developed quickly, simply, and within a short time frame of being proposed.

A W9 and Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) are required by the IRS in order to distribute funds to selected teaching artists. We will collect this information after you’ve been notified of your selection.  A check request will be issued after this paperwork has been received and your content has been submitted. You will also be required to share your teaching artist bio, website, and social media handles for marketing purposes.

Yes, you may need to pay taxes on this income. Given each teaching artist’s varying circumstances, we cannot advise on individual tax matters. We recommend that you consult with a personal financial manager or tax accountant for further information. Please note that both payments are below the financial threshold for filing a 1099, therefore teaching artists will not receive tax documentation from the Creative Learning Network.

No. Due to the magnitude of this crisis, we expect more requests for funding than available funds. Therefore, we are providing one-time relief to as many teaching artists as possible through this initiative. However, if another opportunity becomes available, we will announce this via the Creative Learning Networks website and online communication channels, so check back often for updates.


Arts Education Collaborative is collecting and curating a list of COVID-19 Resources on their website for other teaching artists, parents, caregivers, students and educators. You can email your resource to

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