Community of Learners for Arts Education (CLAE)

The Community of Learners for Arts Education (CLAE) program helps school- and district-level administrators support arts education. Two different tracks give administrators at all experience levels the tools to help the arts flourish.

CLAE: Fundamentals

Looking to support the arts with a research-based action plan? CLAE: Fundamentals equips participants with the structure and shared vocabulary needed to advocate for and guide others in quality arts instruction. Whether it’s helping you market your programs or increasing arts integration across content areas, AEC can help you implement the action plan that’s right for you.

CLAE: Building a Blueprint

Want assistance hiring your next star arts educator? CLAE: Building a Blueprint helps administrators strengthen processes for recruiting, hiring, and retaining excellent arts educators who will impact students in your building or district for years to come.

Applications for both tracks of CLAE are now closed. Please get in touch if you’d like more information about the program.

Participants can earn up to 35 Act 45/PIL hours for either program. AEC is one of the only arts-focused providers of Act 45/PIL hours in Pennsylvania.

Since the program began in 2011, 96 administrators in Western PA have graduated from both tracks and put their action plans to work. Our evaluations have shown that participants feel more confident advocating for the arts, prioritizing student creativity, and leveraging cross-curricular connections. Participation is $400 for the first team member and $200 for each additional participant from the same school or district.

All administrators at the building or district level interested in supporting the arts are welcome to apply. Strengthen the role of the arts in learning and infuse schools with creativity with AEC’s CLAE programs.

  • Several teachers analyze texts at a table in a large room.

    CLAE gives you structured time to work on your action plan and collaborate with peers.

  • Administrators dance in stocking feet in a large lilac-colored room with mirrors on the walls.

    CLAE takes you to cultural organizations and introduces you to some of Western PA’s most engaging artists.

  • Each day of CLAE is supported by hands-on artmaking and time to reflect.

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